Take your Manhood back from Erectile Dysfunction

You have been suffering in silence and unable to utter your emotions. How can you even start expressing these shameful feelings? How can you talk about things that could get you laughed at? Who can you turn to? Who can you trust? How awkward would that be if you open up and start sharing your story? You, who considered yourself to be an alpha male now feel like your manhood is taken away. You are frustrated by your condition and your stress level is getting higher and higher as the days pass by. You are desperate and feel helpless.

Let me tell you this: your story is shared by a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction – this inability to get or sustain an erection. In fact, many men, without consideration of their age and lifestyle, experience erectile dysfunction during their life. Those struggling with ED can regard it as a taboo condition and are ashamed to talk about it. This condition can be a source of anxiety and depression for many, and some even end up having suicidal thoughts. This is a serious matter for both the men who live the condition and the women who date man living with ED. I would bet a lot of relationships were ruined because of this health condition.

Erectile Dysfunction can turn your world upside down :

A friend of mine told me about her moving story: She was with this one dude that she liked very much and even loved, and she was considering a future with him. He was funny, hilarious, made her laugh all the time. She enjoyed every second she spent with him. He was also intelligent, financially stable and very respectful of her family and friends. He had almost everything to knock her off her feet and make her found of him, and they were discussing possibilities of living together.

However, one small thing was bothering her. Very often when they wanted to have sex, the guy would sneak out. He would vanish for about 20 to 30 minutes, come back and then rush into action right away. No foreplay, straight into action. Other times, when she insisted he stay in the room, he would spend a long time on foreplay and end up saying he was not aroused and not interested into being intimate with her.

She felt as if the boyfriend never had the desire for sex. She realized that every time they slept together, she was the one asking and even begging for it. She started blaming herself and thought maybe she wasn’t sexy or attractive enough for him. This ended up creating tension between them, and it escalated to a point where they were arguing all the time over insignificant matters.

The boyfriend finally confessed with tears that he was suffering from ED and explained how he would understand if she wouldn’t love him anymore. He admitted the reason why he didn’t tell her sooner was that he was ashamed of the whole situation and feared she would run away once she discovered the truth.

Actually, her boyfriend was sneaking out to take drugs and waited to notice their effect before returning to his lover. He would act quickly in fear that the effects of the drug would fade away before his performance. When he didn’t get the time to take his pills, he would rely on foreplay expecting he would be able to satisfy his darling and won’t have to go through sex. He dreaded the situation so much that every time he would notice signs of her wanting sex, he would become nervous and panic.

They decided to give their relationship a try after his confession and to support each other through this difficult situation. They sought help from a doctor who referred them to a therapist who in turn sent them to see a urologist who recommended a load of treatments one after another. The boyfriend changed his diet and started living a healthy lifestyle. He tried masturbation techniques with the help of his mate, applied penis exercises and massages. He also added to his routine some meditation techniques to get him calm and focused.

It seemed like they started having good times, but that impression didn’t hold for long. The guy confessed that even though he was getting hard, he wasn’t enjoying the play. His libido was low, and at one point, the drugs started to have little effect. The doctor increased the doses to a safe point, but then the drugs started to have no effect. Stress kicked in quickly and their situation became unbearable. The couple eventually ended up breaking up.

Tips to improve your libido and sex life :

Erectile dysfunction might manifest itself in various ways: inability to get an erection, failure to sustain an erection, lack of libido, etc… A quick search through the web and you will find many therapeutic methods that aim to solve erectile dysfunction. My first recommendation, of course, is to see a medical doctor and seek advice. That being said, here are some common things you can do to improve your libido and sex life:

  • Exercise: It helps blood circulation into the penis.
  • Healthy diet: Many health conditions could lead to ED, so it is important to maintain a balanced immune system through a diversified and nutrient-rich diet away from smoking, drinking, tobacco etc…
  • Sleep: Sleep deprivation may affect a man’s testosterone levels and may cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Meditation: Stress could affect a man’s libido and his ability to get an erection which could in turn cause anxiety and depression. This vicious cycle can be avoided by getting the body and mind in balance through meditation.

People are different and affected in different ways. While some may find cures for ED easily, others struggle desperately using many techniques and drugs and still can get their problems resolved. When you can’t seem to find an answer, the best way to overcome ED is through trials and errors. You have to investigate what affect your condition and identify what you could do to improve it. Monitor your life – things you do, foods you eat, activities you do, and note the patterns that increase or decrease your condition. Be patient when you apply a change and allow it to take effect. You will definitely find what helps you improve your sex life.

Herbal Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction:

Did you know that some drugs affect sexual functions? Yes, you have to be careful about the drugs you consume. Some are very risky and can even cause a heart attack if not used with care. I always encourage the use of herbal remedies in a way to provide balance in the body and enable it to draw from its power to cure itself.

Here are herbs that are known for their aphrodisiac properties and could help improve your libido and sex life :

  • Panax ginseng
  • Maca
  • Moringa
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