Moringa – The Miraculous Medicinal Plant

I have been doing some research to find and talk about the most amazing, unbiased, and best in class natural products, and in this article, I am featuring Moringa. If you go “Mo … what?”, well keep reading through the post, you will be surprised by this amazing plant.

As a matter of fact, among the many other wonderful virtues that you will discover, Moringa helps decrease the risk of cancer and diabetes, regulate your cholesterol, relieve pain, and the plant brings nearly all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to the body.

While in some parts of the world it was long neglected, left aside and considered the food for the disadvantaged poor people, Moringa has been an essential part of traditional Indian medicine, which uses it to treat nearly 300 diseases. Yes, you heard it: about 300 diseases. No wonder why it came to be known as the “Miracle Tree” or the “Tree of Life” so much because of its numerous and incredible properties. Let me emphasize this: Every single part of the tree has its own medicinal properties.

It is becoming more popular worldwide lately because his virtues are now being recognized by many types of research. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this marvelous natural food and herbal medicine.

Moringa – A plant full of highly-beneficial nutrients

A quick search on the web and you will notice how much the merits of Moringa are being bragged about. One of the most featured characteristics is its high content in nutrients estimated to 92 nutrients:

  • 46 antioxidants. If you don’t know how that can help you, let me put it this way: antioxidants are known substances that help prevent the damage of the body cells leading to diseases.
  • 36 natural anti-inflammatory substances – Good for pain relief.
  • 18 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins
  • Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E.

If you are amazed by the number of nutrients in Moringa, the following information is going to take your breath away: Some well-known, long-established food singled out for their extraordinary content in specific nutrients are by far exceeded in their class by Moringa. Here is a snapshot:

The Medicinal Benefits of Moringa

Every individual part of the plant, from the leaves, flowers, and seed to the bark and roots, has its own distinctive nutritive properties and medicinal uses.

Moringa is widely promoted to be :

  • A powerful antioxidant: Moringa leaves help to improve your immune system and increase your energy level. It helps fight against body cells degenerating, which is the gateway of diseases. It can also prevent heart diseases by lowering your blood pressure and regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • An anti-inflammatory agent: Look for products made up from the plant’s flowers and roots.
  • A treatment for Diabetes: Moringa Leaves were found effective against diabetes.
  • An anti-aging product: Moringa extract can revitalize the skin and reduce signs of aging.
  • An aphrodisiac: Moringa seeds and flowers consumption could improve sexual functions.
  • An antibacterial agent: Moringa is efficient against germs.
  • An antimicrobial agent: Moringa can be used to wash your hands.
  • A Water purifier: Moringa seeds can be used to purify the water before drinking.

Moringa – Takeaway

What is presented in this post is by no means a comprehensive list of the many benefits of Moringa. We are only scratching the surface.

Sicknesses are usually caused by specific nutritional needs that are difficult to identify. It is always better to prevent illnesses than facing the dilemma to find a cure, and prevention is what Moringa brings to the table with all its nutrient-rich components.

You can live a healthy lifestyle diet by incorporating Moringa into your daily nutrition. There are a lot of high-quality Moringa products including dry leaves, tea bags, powder, seeds, capsules, infusions, oil, creams,  soaps, to only list a few. Each of these natural health products comes with its own specific health benefits. However, you have to keep away from synthetic versions that could be harmful and make sure to only choose from the best products.

As always, when using herbs, you got to be careful especially if you have a special condition. The numerous Moringa advocates out there state that consuming Moringa is mainly safe, but they also agree that pregnant and breastfeeding women must be cautious about consuming the root, bark or flowers of Moringa.

Make it a rule of thumb to consult with your healthcare practitioner before using herbal remedies including Moringa.

To sum up, here is a resume of what the plant could help you with: Boost your immune system, fight diabetes and regulate your cholesterol, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, make you look younger, and all this naturally.

If you care to start using the miracle plant, try Ayurvedic Herbs Direct. They have a large variety of quality products:

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct

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  1. I have never heard of Moringa before. There are a lot of benefits from taking this. I am most definitely gonna be getting some or try to to find it before the end of the week. Wow!! Thank you for this information. I have lots of friends and family that can benefit from this powerful herb, including myself. It looks like the Vegetarian could benefit from the B’s and iron as well. Thank you

    • HI Donald,

      This is what I am being told whenever I mention the plant ” I have never heard of it. How come it has so many benefits but still unheard of?”.
      It is only recently that I came to know the plant and how powerful it is.
      Surprisingly, Moringa has long been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its powerful benefits proven in traditional medicine for thousands of years.
      I use it regularly now: I eat one grain in the morning, sprinkle the powder on my food, and use the root in the water I drink.

      I would like to hear back from you when you start using it. You will definitely notice its virtues.


  2. Wow I really didn’t heard about this plant. It is shocking how many benefits one plant can have especially for those diseases that are surrounding the world like diabetes and cancer. Do you think that I can consume it with some other supplements like protein powders and fat burners? I am healthy but I am using powders from time to time.

    • Hi Daniel, 

      Thanks for your comment. Protein’s powder is usually safe, but if consumed in high doses you could have side effects related to digestion. Again it all depends on your body’s tolerances.  Moringa is all natural if you look for the best of class product.  In fact, Moringa leaves are rich in amino acids: about 18 amino acids, which makes it a very good source of protein, supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. There are very good Moringa based high protein powder that you can use. I will investigate and revert shortly. 

  3. Wow, this article was really interesting! I’ve never heard of this before. I’m going to share this with my grandparents because I think they’ll really benefit from it. Thank you for going into detail with this product!

  4. Wow I had actually never heard of this before, would love to add it to my smoothies. How much does it cost compared to other superfoods? And do you have any brand recommendations? Thanks!

    • Hi William,

      Thanks for your interest. I usually get the Wahoo factor! I will get back to you with more information on the available products, brands, and why not a review?



  5. Is Moringa too good to be true? I am not sure, but I have been drinking Moringa tea for years now. I also use it in cooking sometimes. Honestly, I don’t know if it has made a difference in my health. Maybe, it is because I use it so often. As a matter of fact, I have two potted plants on my patio, so it is readily available to me. I must say that I don’t get sick often, so I don’t know if consuming Moringa has anything to do with my health. I think it has a cleansing effect on my body though.

    • Hi Carol,

      I understand what you are referring to. Actually, it is during my last trip to Africa that I have heard about the plant. Surprisingly, my mother in law never gets sick, and she told me she has been using Moringa all her life. Is her strong health due to the consumption of Moringa? That I can’t say for sure because some people have strong genes naturally. However, I have decided to use it daily and see what it can do for me. I used to feel fatigued all the time, and now, not that much. I have to admit that I have associated the consumption of Moringa with daily exercises. Researches and even the WHO recognizes Moringa. Is it overrated? I believe that if you are seeing a cleansing effect on your body, that might be a sign that it is good for something.



  6. Thanks for bringing Moringa to my attention. I especially like comparison of the amounts of ingredients to fruits and vegetables. It really sounds amazing and I’ll put it on my list of things to try out. I’m just wondering in which formulation it is available. Capsules, powder, drinks? Do you have any idea?

    • Hi Felix,
      I am glad you found the article useful. You can find quality moringa products in multiple forms: bagged dry leaves, tea bags, powder, seeds, capsules, infusions, oil etc…

      Stay tuned for further information.


  7. I’d never heard of moringa before reading your post. That sounds like an amazing plant! I see that they have it in so many different forms like tea or taking a capsule. Which would you recommend? Is there a specialty store that you could also point me in the direction of that sells it as well? Thanks for the info:) I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for reading my post, and I am happy you find the article informative. I hear you and I will be providing some tips and brands, but before, I need to investigate and find the best products out there to propose.

      I will revert shortly.

    • Hi Derval,

      Moringa remains unknown to a lot of people. This is one of the reasons I am promoting it. If you are looking into buying it, I will have some recommendations for you shortly.


  8. Hi Thierry….very informative article on Moringa, I thought I knew most of the natural medicinal plants in the world, but Moringa escapes me. Do you know if it is classified as an “Adaptogen”? It seems to have the same health properties as Maca, that I promote. Let me know…thanks, Terry

    • Hi Terry,
      I am flattered I was able to introduce Moringa to you as I know how knowledgeable you are about plants. Great stuff. Moringa is definitely classified as an adaptogen because it is non-toxic and helps the body resist to all kinds of physical, chemical and biological stresses. It helps tone and balance the whole body. I will look into Maca.

  9. Wow they say you learn something new everyday, and having a lot of experience in dieting, eating right, and exercise I have never heard of Moringa? Thank you for such an informative posting. I’m always looking for great products that are natural and this has so many good benefits. Thanks

  10. Hi Thierry,

    Very interesting!

    It sounds like it has a great nutrition profile, due to the high levels of antioxidants and vitamins it sounds like it may be ideal for increasing testosterone production, do you know about the effects on T

    • Hi Nate,

      As I have noted in the post, one of the marketing claims made by moringa producers is its aphrodisiac property; especially its ability to increase testosterone levels, boost erections and enhance sexual performance. However, I haven’t seen strong research papers that attest of the same, but a study on rats given moringa extracts show their testosterone levels and libido increased. That being said you can use moringa as a testosterone boosting product based on its nutrient-rich, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. I would actually recommend trying this for yourself with a naturally based, bio moringa product.


    • Hi Stephen,
      You should really give Moringa a try. If you need any additional information, please let me know. I will be pleased to help you out. A lot of people have asked me for recommendations, so I am currently looking for the best Moringa products in the market. Stay tuned.

  11. Hi,
    I was amazed for the benefits of the moringa, I’ve visited a doctor and it all seems that I can consume moringa. How would you suggest to consume it?

    Greetings and thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Rique,

      Thanks for taking your time to read my article. Well, since quality Moringa is all natural with really close to zero side effects, you can include it in your daily diet. Here is what I do: eat one grain in the morning and sprinkle the powder on my food. I also use the root in my water to purify it, guess what: it has a particular taste that I like.


  12. I have heard about moringa but never knew taking it is of this great benefit. Indeed!it’s a miraculous tree, with so much nutrients. I better go and find one, I am surprised into how much work it does into our bodies. It’s a tree of life

    • Hi Violet,
      Try it for yourself and if you like it, please spread the word as I am doing right now to allow other people t benefit from this wonderful tree.

  13. Hi Thierry. Thanks for the great information. I also have never heard of this amazing plant. This gift from nature, as well as many other natural herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and plants really do provide all that we need to remain healthy. It is just a matter of having access to them in the right balance and quantities and knowing how to prepare them. I’m going to have to search this one out and learn how I can add it to my diet. Kind regards,

  14. Hey!

    I have a lot of inflammation issues in my fingers and have been looking for a natural way to help this.

    I have never heard of moringa but I think I will give it a try and see if it offers any relief.

    Thank you for your help, I’ll definitely be back to visit!

    • Hi Russell,

      I am glad you found this site informative. I have been using moringa to relieve many types of pain including back pain and exercise soreness.

      Give it a try, you will definitely find it helpful.

  15. I had never heard of Moringa before, but WOW, so many benefits. I am curious what form you purchase it in to help with the anti-aging. I would love to give this a try. Can you buy this in lotion form, or how do you apply?

    • Indeed the wow effect; this is what Moringa gives you.
      There are many creams and body lotions based on Moringa. Please follow the link in the article if you are looking to try.

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