The virtues of Ginseng

Are you feeling fatigued all the time? Dragging yourself out of bed, through the day, and feeling even more tired after a long night sleep? If you are always feeling tired and weak, you might want to consider consulting with a doctor because your condition might be caused by many elements. That being said, Ginseng is a powerful plant that has helped many people regain their daily energy and stamina.

I have introduced Ginseng in my post Healing Plant Roots – Boost Your Immune System as one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world, and it’s been used around the world for centuries. This plant is usually seen as a herbal tonic.

Here are the most known benefits people attest gaining from the consumption of Ginseng:

Over the years, many people have attested the efficiency of Ginseng in helping them to improve their health in the following areas:

  • Feeling of well-being: As a herbal tonic, Ginseng is used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body, boost energy and stamina, and promote general health and well-being.
  • Cognitive properties: You need to improve your alertness, concentration, memory, work efficiency and physical stamina. Ginseng has been helping people to cope with stress and to boost their immune system.
  • Sexual properties: Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, low testosterone level, lack of libido? Ginseng is known for helping many men improve their sex lives and as an added benefit, both men and women may notice their libido increase significantly.

There have always been controversies over the use of herbal medicines. Some people attest seeing significant changes from day one while others must wait for a while before noticing results, and some others never see any apparent influence of the herb being taken. It really depends on many factors including the sereneness of your health state, the dosage of the herb and the length of the consumption. Based on their experience, some people argue that Ginseng has a placebo effect. It is good to know that in herbal medicine, a lot of remedies are a mixture of herbs specifically prepared for a condition, this is why consulting a herbalist is important. Everybody reacts differently to the same product, so before making any conclusion, be aware that your case might require a special attention other than just buying Ginseng over the counter.

If you can’t identify any noticeable health effects after taking Ginseng, here are some questions worth asking:

Are you using the correct dose for your condition?
Maybe the first question is to determine how acute your condition is, and what you are using Ginseng for. If you are taking Ginseng for your day to day general well-being purposes, small doses are indicated. However, higher doses up to 500 mg are usually indicated for prompt cognitive and sexual benefits.

Are you using a quality product?
Ginsenosides are the main ingredients that confer Ginseng most of his active properties. Many Ginseng products out there do not contain the actual amount of ginsenosides displayed on their labels. Keep away from products not providing this indication. Use a top quality brand and choose quality over price.

Take into consideration the reaction time of the product.
There are mixed effects on reaction time. You might not feel the effect right away, but the product might actually be doing great stuff to your body. Give it some time.

Recommendation on how to assess the benefits of Ginseng

What I can suggest is to have a baseline to work with if you decide to try Ginseng. Take a blood test, use a good known quality ginseng product, respect the manufacturer doses, allow for an adequate time to observe the changes in your body and take another blood test to compare. Because it might be difficult to draw a conclusion if you are mixing a lot of products at the same time, I will restrict the use of herbal remedies to Ginseng during the trial time unless you have a known medical condition.


Ginseng has helped many people over the years and can probably help you too. Talk to your doctor to see if you can benefit from Ginseng. I have tried the Ginseng extract in capsules and I can state that I definitely felt an energy boost. I have never paid attention to its cognitive properties but people state their mind seems to be a little sharper than usual when they use it. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects using Ginseng. From what I can tell, it is worth the try.

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